Women's foolishness in the eyes of men

Women's foolishness in the eyes of men
 Any prejudices, biases, usually very resistant, hold long centuries, passing from generation to generation. These biased and "women's stupidity." Even the most progressive men in former times, speaking out against discrimination against women, helping them to fight for their rights, treating them with marked respect, especially in the company of men grinned: "The hair is long, but the mind is short! "In other words, they are willing to admit women for the best human qualities except the mind.

Now, in the era of the triumph of "militant feminism", this bias is almost as fast. Just a lot of men are forced to hide his fear that "the courts wear out."

One can understand the resentment of women. But still you need to understand: what do this prejudice is based? What motivates men, sincerely believing women stupid? What feminine qualities impel men to such thoughts?

First of all, the jaw. In the eyes of an absolute majority of men who endlessly "shoot the breeze" can only stupid creature. Men quite frankly do not understand how it is possible at all: so to speak! And the right to serious things, and then ...

If a woman while still complain, saying that everything is not enough time ("the weaker sex" really loves so to speak, that really there), then the man will disappear last doubts: talks from morning till night, and still complains that nothing does not have time!

Inability to "take the bull by the horns." In other words, men confusing and annoying inability of the absolute majority of women speak clearly, briefly and only on the merits. What woman before moving on to the heart of the matter, "confused in broad daylight," that is, starting from a distance, slips on some minor details, can not proceed to the main, quickly tiring man, and sometimes infuriates . Especially if a man energetic, strong-willed, used to react quickly. For them, this behavior - like a red rag to a bull. Well, and irrefutable proof of female stupidity at the same time.

Propensity to regularly recurring rhetorical question. Yes, women simply adore infinite number of times to hear the assurances of love! For them, these words - magic music. To his dismay, they do not even know that 99% of men from the request: "Tell me again that you love me! Repeat what I have the most beautiful, the best! "Heard the fiftieth time begin to simply fly into a rage. Thinking hard: "What if she mocks me, if she had multiple sclerosis! How much can you repeat the same thing ?! "And in the end, come to the conclusion:" Yeah, you fool! »

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