Why men do not give gifts

Why men do not give gifts
 Bright, cheerful, bright, fluffy, fragrant, in boxes with bow - women like different gifts. Why do not all men are portrayed prezenty favorite? The reasons may be very different, but this woman was left without a gift, do not feel better.
 Maybe you have a guy with different ideas about the present? Girls believe that candy, flowers and wine gifts are not, and are as a supplement or decoration for the present expensive gift. The man thinks that "candy buketny" the best gift.

If you have such a view it is not satisfied, hint that they would like to see instead of quickly disappearing things something more permanent. Say that this subject should be reminded of your eternal love and always be with you. Whatever may have been resourceful man, he is unlikely to come up with something other than jewelry.

If you always and everywhere emphasize their independence and emancipation, the guy might think that gift would offend you. Do not pay for themselves in the restaurant, do not attempt to calculate the costs of the men on your entertainment and divide them in half. Let the young man to prove his masculinity and caring, generosity and strength.

A man can be an elementary confused mess up your wishes and tastes. Hints do not reach him? At the next appointment, passing storefronts, poke your finger into the cherished little thing. Man sigh of relief and pleasure acquire desired, of course, if you do not accidentally hit your finger in a luxurious necklace with diamonds.

Fascinated muzhchina- "nerd" is often safely forget about all festive dates. Even if he is constantly reminded of the gift and the need to hike to the store, he got into a shopping center, lost it in the truest sense of the word. He absolutely will not mind if you take the duty of buying a gift for yourself, received from him some money.

Learn to accept gifts from men. After all, he could just be disappointed by your response to their stingy show. If picking up a box with a ribbon, you immediately set aside a gift to the side with the words: "Well, not worth it! "A man has lost the desire to give you something again. Take any thing with sincere joy and a smile on his face. Open the box and immediately loved kissing, showering him with compliments and gift.

The worst option - man-meanie! It is unlikely that something could change his attitude. But if you become his wife, he can buy you jewelry as a profitable investment.

Control your desires and needs. Your guy may simply not enough money not to satisfy all of your "want". Better support it morally, that he, inspired by your love, quickly achieved success in life.

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