We choose, choose us

We choose, choose us
 Choice - it is not an easy task, especially when it relates to the sphere of personal relationships. Find a perfect match - a difficult task, but it is doable. However, earlier it was believed that the fate of the human will, in any place, so sometimes worth freeze - and you will find your soul mate!

We choose, choose us - whether there are coincidences?

All my life people faced with a choice, but often make the right decision is impossible or difficult. The greatest difficulties arise usually choosing a life. At this crucial moment a person begins to wonder whether there are coincidences in a strange game, which seems at times personal life.

Most people try to choose a mate on the basis of some fleeting impressions. Psychologists say that people may like it, away from your ideal, but able to affect some fine chord soul. So, the young man could have caught the girl who does not fit the standards of beauty, but washing dishes, as his mother.

Recent studies show that young people picked up their girls that are somewhat similar to the mother and the girls are looking for a Man, reminiscent of his father. Perhaps most people will start complaining, but against the instincts and the subconscious to go hard. Brain, common sense can be understood that the man you are not a couple, but on a subconscious level you will have to pull him - and to deal with this attraction is not possible.

Some people choose a life partner very strange way. They clearly know what qualities should be at the chosen or elect, and what he should not be. It turns out that these people make choices, guided by the mercantile and pragmatic considerations.

The most amazing thing is that unions based on the principles of logic, not on feelings, much less likely to break than others. When a person is in love, he is inclined to idealize their partner, and after the wedding, and clashes with the life, the veil falls - and the next is completely different, unfamiliar people. That your choice was a good one, try not to lose your head, wait until the love will pass - and then you will be able to meet again.

Of course, life is often the case that a person of your choice, not looking in your direction. In such cases, do not worry and be happy, because in a rush of feelings you would have committed a lot of errors. If you are alone, just remember the simple truth - your destiny you will always find!

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