Tumble from the love

Tumble from the love
 True love is a great gift, which is awarded is not for everyone. Most people live life and not finding your other half. Far from being a good life there beliefs: "Good thing the marriage will not be called. Marriage is a gradual loss of respect for each other "and many such sayings. What distinguishes love from love, what qualities she awakens and strengthens the human soul?  

Love is very feeling of sacrifice. Often, it is superficially similar to the indifference. This is because a loving person is more focused on partner. Credo all happy: "The main thing that you feel good". It is precisely about this feeling in one of his books said Richard Bach: "True love never make a man leave his way. Love dies at the moment turns into the property. The word "Love" has no plural. Love is immeasurable. Love that can be measured, is false ". Not more than would add that it is primarily the happiness of two. This feeling is devoid of selfishness. Therefore, in order to tumble from the love is no surprise. When a person begins to break away from his desires when there is more happiness is giving, not taking, energy is directed towards the creation. Not uncommon, when one partner starts to read more, getting an education to match the second half, to please, even if requested to do so. Man for the sake of the woman he loves is able to move mountains. He will overcome the obstacles hundred, will be known to the whole world, just to make it nice. Happy, loving and beloved woman, too, can be seen from afar. Her beauty is not make-up and outfits. Rather, the light that comes from within. In such pairs is no place for treason and recriminations, a deep respect and a desire to understand the main component of the Union. Truly loving people are smart heart.

Love has high concentration on their own. At first, people do not notice, or try not to notice each other's shortcomings. Hence the expression: "Love is blind." Love is blind. This is because the fall is not the man himself, and in a specific trait or skill, seeming attractive (beauty, sexy, charisma). Truly loving people accept each other as a whole, with all the advantages and disadvantages.

There are cases when relatives and friends are not enthusiastic about their chosen loved one. Usually, the lovers do not attach any importance to this, but in vain. Relatives (with rare exceptions) wish good. As for friends, they are chosen consciously, based on common interests and similar outlook. Therefore, the closest people to the more obvious as it looks from the Union. But due to the fact that no one is listening to the further development of events is rather predictable. Once the first enthusiasm passes, begin to "open their eyes" and it turns out that his friends were right.

Love may eventually develop into love, but it need not one month and not even half a year. This sense of time, so long and bears. Only that slow, steady, and that is firmly well. Most importantly, what you should pay attention when feeling now about it is very difficult to say. So do not believe those who shout about love, most likely it's just bravado in order to obtain the desired or as people usually say passion. It goes out as quickly as it flares up. Love is quiet. But for her and do not say when it is, it is so clear and to arrange a demonstration to nothing.

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