The main women's misconceptions about men

The main women's misconceptions about men
 Most of the women watching men often make incorrect conclusions. And then I wonder why such a generous, kind and gentle suddenly becomes a miser, a boor and a bastard. But it could have been avoided this tragedy, you just need to know how to evaluate the behavior of men.

1. If a man spends large sums of money on you, he is generous
This is a wrong conclusion. Most men spent big to attract the favor of women. After the wedding, it can be over. To understand generous man or not, just quietly observe his behavior in everyday life. If he leaves the cafe tip saves whether to buy and so on.

Ask if he has any financial assistance to their parents. If it turns out that he believes every penny, probably near you greedy man. Also, do not assume a mean man, if at the beginning of their acquaintance he had not spent much. After all, a man to spend money on a woman, she should like it.

2. If a man asked you a phone number, he became interested in you
There is a category of men who take the phone number of women just like that. They can not make a call. If you have his phone number, call themselves, and reactions you realize you need it or not.

3. If a man carried you home, then he is serious
Not necessarily. Perhaps just a man well educated. Unfortunately, most women take men courtesy of interest. A man can accept and coffee and even sex, just so as not to offend the woman.
Therefore, if a man does not attempt to assign another date, cross him out of her life.

4. If you have had sex, then you have this man some rights
A common misconception. If a man comes to you in a sexual relationship, it does not mean that he is ready to build a relationship with you. Sex and relationships - is a completely different concept. Therefore, if you have nothing but sex does not connect, claim to something more is just silly.

5. If a man confesses his love, that means really loves
Most men utter the phrase "I love you" to get you to stand, or to show a good attitude towards you. So do not rely solely on the word, you need to pay attention to the behavior. Loving man will not even look at you in a special way.

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