The ideal woman for a nonideal men

The ideal woman for a nonideal men
 How often do we draw the ideals themselves. Constantly strive to find something better than we had before. We are looking for people to hidden defects, not noticing their obvious advantages. Themselves often want to be better, correcting his appearance, character, trying to change people, their friends and relatives. We wish that they were similar to ours, we created in the mind, a perfect image.

Find your own reflection in other times very hard, but we desperately seek to achieve this. Sometimes even unconsciously, while spending a lot of time and effort. And not having achieved his goal, regret and feel a sense of dissatisfaction. Then we get sad, and it seems that your native people did not understand you, did not appreciate your sincere wishes and desires to change something for the better. That's just you forget that your desire to change someone will always be incomprehensible to your surroundings. It turns out that it is difficult to accept the person for who he is. Love it and realize that it's not perfect. And do not seek to make it fit your templates appearance or standards of conduct.

 Suppose you have found your way you thought, especially at first, the perfect man. Over time, you begin to notice that your dear person looks at you wrong, messy piles things snores at night, you will not ring when you want it. It turns out that his outlook on life is not the same as yours, and the character seems unbearable. Then you say that your man was different, that he has changed.

 In fact, no one has changed. Just women always tend to think that they can change their man. And oddly enough, always for the better, as they believe. Keeping in mind your ideal, you may have a child holite and cherish, and that becomes a wall between you and your loved ones. And imperfect man, in turn, appears the victim desired changes.

 Often, such a phenomenon may cause divorces and separations. To avoid this, you must always remember that the ideal world does not exist, that they may be only in our minds. Try to take the people who are close to you as they are. Then you will be easy and comfortable next to them. Forget about the fact that they have something do not forget to call you, give gifts. Love them for what they are, do not look bad, try to give more and expect less.

 These simple truths may be the key to your strong and happy relationship.

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