"Role play". The role of women in the career of a man

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 Men and women are not in vain prefer to live in pairs. This symbiosis allows each of them to fully realize their social and family role. Their union is equally beneficial to both, they complement and help each other. Someone provides material wealth in the family, someone decides to everyday problems, bringing up children. Therefore, in the achievements of each participant family tandem is the contribution of the second half and his woman plays a big role in the career of her husband.

As a rule, a man begins to build his career before, because the first years after the wedding, a woman has to devote to the procreation and education of kids. But at this time it is not a burden - it concerns lie not only the children, but her husband, who directs all efforts to increase the family fortune by career. He at that time did not have to think about and deal with everyday problems, a house for him becomes a kind of "base" where he gets his share of love, care and attention that allow him to give all the forces work and career.

Some men once to delve into all the details, even if they are directly linked to his career and he depends on them. Many little things that he does not even pay attention, can suggest and provide him with the woman - the choice and the state of clothes, circle of contacts, events in which to participate. A loving wife, who is always up to date and her husband's life, tactfully and unobtrusively helps him be at the right time in the right place, look beautiful, determined to win. Agree, this is important.

Outwardly harsh, terse and unemotional man is actually very vulnerable. Often, many difficulties could plunge them into stress or angry that the most destructive way can affect the nervous system, and health. Clever and subtle sense of humor husband a woman can become a true healer and a personal therapist. It can inspire husband faith in their capabilities, do not let him give up and abandon their ambitious plans.

And, paradoxically enough, but the fact that the woman will make a decent career, is also a very positive impact on the career of her husband. Social status and image of the wife is able to improve the image of her husband, attitude on the part of the authorities and business partners. Happy are those families in which supported such a harmonious relationship, makes you stronger both partners.

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