Love on the Internet. Pros and cons

Love on the Internet. Pros and cons
 Internet has affected all areas of life and many are already struggling to how you ever managed without it. Therefore it is very natural that he penetrated the field of human relations such as friendship, affection and love. A huge number of online dating sites act as intermediaries in the affairs of the heart, offering to find your soul mate in the endless expanses of the network. Is there a difference between love on the internet and a real relationship? What are the pros and cons of what kind of love?

The positive side

Well, you have a good selection of those with whom you could start to communicate: dating sites abound candidates, as they say, for every taste and color. Sounding like a new friend, you can embellish his image a bit. However, if the relationship will be the development, it can also play a negative role - in person a person may feel that you are crafty, and lose trust in you.

Another positive aspect of Internet relationships is that they can develop gradually, without haste and fever. Sitting at the computer screen, it is possible to weigh everything and express their thoughts correctly and beautifully. And a thoughtful, prepared to disclose to enable communication partner of his most winning qualities, he will be able to evaluate first your soul, not the clothes and appearance.

By the way, the feelings that emerged on the Internet, can capture no less than "the real world". Lovers begin to look forward to virtual meetings, worrying, as before this date.

But any medal has two sides.

Communication on the Internet does not give a complete picture of the partner, its image is invented in part by you. And for all correspondence, even when communicating via Skype, you can not know all the details of his appearance, voice. You will not feel the smell, can not understand, it's nice if you touch it. Not to mention the fact that falls on dating sites and people pretending to be someone else. All this, unfortunately, can lead to great disappointment at the meeting.

Another unpleasant moment. You can simply do not justify the expectations of each other. Sometimes it happens: Hobbies each other in the virtual communication people meeting find that it and say something about, are boring interlocutors.

In addition, it may be that you are fascinated by the person lives somewhere far away, in another country, on another continent, and you in these circumstances will be very difficult to meet.

It should be noted another obvious disadvantage: communicating virtually, you can lose the skills and motivation to communicate and dating in the real world.

As you can see, virtual senses have both positive and negative points. Whether or not to fall in love over the internet or prefer traditional methods of dating, you decide for yourself.

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