Love at first sight and emotional instability

Love at first sight and emotional instability
 In our country, it is assumed that emotional instability, as well as love at first sight, more inherent in the female half of the population. However, in fact, far from it. It has recently proven special studies. But is it men are more emotionally unstable and prone to love at first sight?

Not so long ago Nausicaa Talassis who is a doctor of psychology and the owner of the elite online dating agency, conducted a very large study. The purpose of this study was to determine how emotional instability associated with love at first sight.

The study involved five thousand people: men and women who do not have the second half. Results of the study really surprised.

Thus, it was found that about 80% of all those involved in the study of women and 75% of men are not adherents of the theory of love at first sight. According to the data of the study, all these people are not in a hurry with his findings on the sympathy and prefer verdict only after at least five visits. It turns out that the vast majority of single people do not believe in love at first sight and are not affected by it.

Further, it was found that about half of all men who believe in love at first sight, very often change their regular girls and wives, yielding sudden love. At the same time, such a betrayal can occur even after a very long period of living together with a girl.

It is noteworthy that women who believe in love at first sight, does not differ from their more conservative friends in terms of the possibility of betrayal.

As a result, studies actually managed to prove a direct link between faith in love at first sight, and emotional instability. However, this is, by and large, concerned only men.

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