Kak get his attention: learn to flirt!

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 If you have trouble attracting men, and you do not know how to behave on a date, you ought to consider a particular technique flirting. Men think differently, so you need to understand that they are attracted to women. Special tips will help you get any man without much effort.

Be the female mystery. Do not talk a lot, and only in the case. Men do not like girls who only talk and talk without even knowing about it. Smart women know that men are attracted worldwide attention. And if you give him the floor, while they themselves will listen only as needed interrupting him and engage in conversation, it will show how smart you are and intelligent. Mysterious depths of personality like men much more than empty talk.

Be always in a good mood. This rule seems simple enough, but many women realize it's wrong. You should not willfully laugh or smile from ear to ear. If you are a man, just have fun. It is best to try to enjoy the things that he likes. Learn about the enthusiasm of men and immediately try to show how they are of interest to you. If a man is interested in football, go on a date in a sports bar. The idea that you also love beer and football, just excite him!

Take care of your appearance. Be sure to use feminine deodorant. Brush your teeth well and always keep to yourself chewing gum. Keep your hair neat and clean, your hair should emphasize appearance. Use sweet and not too sharp perfume. Sweet smells attract men, especially vanilla, caramel, melon, honeysuckle. Spend your gently scented hand over his face men. If you do it right, he just can not resist and do not kiss you back!

Wear clothing that makes you feel sexy. Attractive to men is clothing that accentuates your figure and fits your body. In your best interest to use the color red. It increases heart rate man. Adding red to your wardrobe is a great way to attract more attention to men.

Use body language. Put your hand on the man's shoulder while talking. Touch his hand, look in the eye and smile. Flirting should look natural and at ease during a call, and it means a lot of men do.

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