Is it possible to love at a distance

Is it possible to love at a distance
 In our world there is nothing more precious and beautiful feelings of love. Every second to see and feel your soul mate next - the natural desire of lovers. But in life, there are obstacles in the form of separation, which must be able to overcome.

On the one hand, parting only strengthens the love between a man a woman gives a new way to break out of their senses. Meetings are holiday something unusual and wonderful in their lives. Lovers can maintain communication apart by sms, internet and phone calls, sharing experiences and new developments in their lives.

Why do I have a man and woman to go to the extreme measure - the separation? It is very lonely and bitter becomes the soul when a loved one is not there. Someone who can support you here and now, a hug, a kiss, a kind word to cheer. None of whom want to take care of every day, to wish good night and good morning, lay a rug tired of working days of a loved one. But more often accompanied by forced separation solution. Husbands in order to earn more money for his wife and child go on a long trip. Of course, relationships, love does not fade and can become stronger and stronger. And raise children? In order to pick it up on their feet, need both parents - mother and father, who will be able to convey the basics of life and be together. Only if such a family can be called complete. Long-term separation in family relations will sooner or later lead to the disintegration of the family.

But sometimes the situation is different in the life of lovers. Separation came due care in the army men. Only such a separation between the two halves to dot in their relations and demonstrate a true love, or reveal the falsity. Of course, in any case, the separation test for lovers, and the issue of trust in each other is worth far in the back rows. There is a danger of betrayal - not because people do not like, but because they need physical proximity as a natural process. But in this case before the person is facing a dilemma: to forgive and to love more or to leave forever.

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