How to return ratio

How to return ratio
 In life, anything can happen. More recently, the lovers seem that there is such a force in the world that could separate them. But absurd quarrel arose, especially offensively, because things a trifle, or gossip detractors, or the growing misunderstanding claim - all of which can lead to disaster. In short, there is no previous relationship, love has disappeared.
 Woman because of its great emotional experiences it is usually very painful. Immediately after the break, she may wish to temper his former partner all troubles and troubles. But then, a little cooled down and reassured, may suddenly want to again establish a relationship with him, return to the previous love. Is this possible?

First of all, try to accurately and objectively determine: whether or not you still love this man? Or you primarily motivated by resentment, wounded pride, saying that as it is, I have such a beautiful, intelligent, charming woman, threw! Maybe you want to play the role of the same "dog in the manger" - let never be able to love him, but another woman in principle not give? In the second and third cases, do not even try to resume relations: nothing good will come of it. Just make yourself worse.

If you still love your ex-partner and sincerely wish to restore broken relationships, then it's real. After all, for a truly loving woman, nothing is impossible. But you have to work hard.

Be sure to analyze their behavior with the utmost care, objectively and impartially. Do not spare yourself, hold the temptation to shift the blame for breaking a man. Probably at least in something you have been to blame. Remember where and when you walk is not the best way, allow faux pas, hurt his partner. Try to mentally take his place, look at the situation through his eyes. It's not easy, but it is necessary to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Try to change for the better. Save in your behavior, habits, all the things that attracted and pleasing favorite, while strongly rejecting what he did not like, irritated and even alienated from you. For example, some women tend to emotion, vulnerability. This is quite natural, but everything is good in moderation. If you have made a habit of crying because any trifle, or even worse - to arrange scandals man, then, of course, in the end he got tired of it. Accustomed to restraint.

In no case do not go behind him, do not be obtrusive. Just try to see under some plausible pretext. Tell him that it is very sorry about your break. Ask directly, without reserve, to explain that it is not satisfied, as you were wrong. And then everything is in your hands.

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