How to make a choice between the guys

How to make a choice between the guys
 Sometimes so difficult to choose a single and unique young man, if you show sympathy several guys. In this situation, you can seriously get confused and make the wrong decision, rejecting his true love. How do you make the right choice?
 If you are unsure which of your location gentlemen seeking to give their preference, listen to your inner voice, heart and intuition to. Do not try to rely on logic and common sense, because they are in matters of love is not the best advisers. Also avoid follow the advice of outsiders, even reputable for you people. Neither the mother nor a close friend or a friend you should not choose a Man, do not they will build a relationship with him, and you. Therefore, an important decision to be right for you and nobody else.

First of all, you should determine to which of the men you are interested you are experiencing the deepest feelings. To do this, hang out some time with each of them separately. Who do you have the most powerful and complete understanding? One of them is your soul mate? Whom would you like to take care of, who makes you laugh and be happy? Try to answer the questions of these simple. You may have some time to be alone, to be able to correctly interpret their thoughts and feelings.

Also, try to understand the true attitude of these gentlemen to you. Who do you really expensive as a person? Who would want to tie all their future life with you, not just quickly build a relationship doomed to imminent demolition? If you find it difficult to understand their own feelings, try one of the little feminine wiles and arrange a small test their boyfriends. For example, a call to each of them in the evening of the day off and tell me what you came down with a high fever, and you have absolutely no drugs at home. Who will come running to you for help, putting all their affairs until later, and he loves you more than anyone else. Remember that true love is not determined by the beauty and the price of gifts or amount of money you spent on. It can be revealed only by the quality of care, help and support that you have a man. Care must be sincere, coming from the heart, warm and sincere. With this in mind, you will easily make the right choice between several guys. 

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