How to learn to kiss

How to learn to kiss
 Every lover wants to appear before his partner in the best light, and sometimes even something to surprise. Everyone wants affection and tenderness, to make his beloved in his arms and kiss her so that all feelings are understood without the words. Kiss can be called one of the greatest pleasures that receive beloved being with each other.
 Kiss to Remember once and for all, you want to minimize your shyness. Even if you've never kissed, it may not mean anything. If you feel dizzy and legs give way - it is only signs that you're in love. And all the excitement will seem minor compared to the pleasure that you get from a kiss.

If possible, try to create the most intimate and romantic atmosphere. To do this, perfectly suited candles or subdued light. Do not forget about your breathing. If you do not brush your teeth, you will always chewing gum or a couple of sprigs of parsley.

Do not freeze in one position, gently swipe the neck and hair your partner, try to lightly press it to yourself, touch his ears, hands or pat his back. And if you kiss, it does not mean that it is necessary to remain silent. Tell your lover something nice and gentle. Do not strain, all movements should be relaxed. Intense lip repel your partner or he will think that doing something wrong.

Many men prefer "French Kiss" and therefore gentle biting or sucking lips lover will be able to bring him even more excited than a simple touch to your language.

Watch the reaction partner. You make the biggest mistake if you kiss just for yourself. The man also have preferences and feelings, and he may not like it, if you just ignore his wishes. Reciprocate and you get the same in return.

Practice and exercise. Try to take into account all the mistakes, but it is best to include your own imagination. Remember that kiss - is an expression of your feelings, the connection of souls. Do not be afraid to experiment, kiss her lover as your heart says. And you will always remember those great moments.