How to forget the love

How to forget the love
 Love is not only inspiring, inspires, invigorates. It is also, unfortunately, can inflict severe mental pain. You love a person sincerely, with all my heart, live them alone, mentally entitled to all the advantages - and he or changes or casts, sometimes even without any explanation. "Between us all over! "- And slams the door.
 Women emotional men, therefore experiencing separation is particularly difficult, painful, feeling very real suffering. Very often, a woman wants to erase the memory of this man, but can not. And continue to suffer.

"Time heals! "- This old saying is completely true in this case. Sometimes it is necessary to bite the bullet, endured the first, the most severe pain, most painful onslaught of emotions. Then it will be easier.

Without hesitation, get rid of all the things that remind you of this man. From his gifts (even if they were very dear to you), gifts, household items associated with it, the photos. Of course, we must not be like the hysteric, who with tears and curses thrown from the balcony of forgotten things wrong partner, to the delight of onlookers and idle gossip. Remember esteem. Just send them in the garbage disposal or taken out of the house - may be useful to some homeless.

Try as little as possible to be alone with heavy thoughts. When a person is really busy, he had no time to feel sorry for yourself. Plunged into the job, find yourself a new hobby, a hobby. Take care of yourself. Pay attention to appearance, join a sports section, a fitness club or swimming pool. Physical activity will bring you a triple benefit: the figure will be better health and stronger, and the courage to appear.

Strongly discourage attempts to relatives, friends, co-worker starts a conversation on this topic, eliciting details, even just feel sorry for you. "I do not want to talk about it, all is in the past! "- This should be the answer.

In no case do not exercise samoedstvom, do not blame yourself, "I must have done something wrong." Yes, most likely, you are also to blame for the rupture of relations! But your former partner is not justified. He could speak frankly with you, explain what it is in you do not like, embarrassed, or even annoying. Instead dropped. So whether because of it experience, spend your nerves?

Do not neglect the male society. Yes, it is one particular man did not appreciate you and bad cost, but this does not mean that all members of the stronger sex bad. It may well happen that you meet a reliable, decent man, and among you there love. And then the memories of the old, unhappy love finally leave you.

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