Holiday romance and its consequences

Holiday romance and its consequences
 Holiday romance is considered to be a manifestation of frivolity. But few people think that the rest of the resort and travel are among the five most effective places to search for the "second half". And it is not a myth.

Abroad common psychological courses on how to marry a man richer than himself. One solution to the problem is a trip to an expensive resort. If you know the places where high-personalities, can safely be sent back to rest in the middle of the season. You it can be expensive, but the chance to raise a family in such a situation is indeed considerable.

So a holiday romance is not as hopeless as he is painted. However, before you go for betrothed to distant seas, decide what you want. If your goal - a short affair, this is one case. And if you want to expand the circle of contenders for your hand and heart - it is quite a different task.

Holiday romance, intrigue

Sex tours now quite popular. Organizers do not always advertise real purpose trips, but finding them is easy. Demand special tours to Egypt and Turkey. If you go there to spend time in the company of men of easy virtue, it is easy to implement their aspirations. And even if the idea of ​​payment for sex, even indirectly, in the form of payment for a restaurant, you are confused, it is still in the southern countries is easy to find a boy or girl for a week. The main thing - to think about contraception and how to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

The most scrupulous and fastidious tourists give birth to holiday romance with the inhabitants of the CIS countries and Europe. It is safer in terms of health, but a little more difficult in terms of trying to meet. Europeans are more reserved in matters of institutions frivolous relationships.

Holiday romance with the continuation

This type of novels requires great care and vigilance. First you need to learn how to define the scope of unemployed men. Many of them simply get rid of the wedding ring on vacation and can afford to "go left". Your task - to dismiss these candidates at the initial stage of dating. Usually it is easy to do, quite a short conversation with leading questions. Men are hard to lie in the eye, so they give themselves pretty quickly.

Next step - find locations of potential future husband. If you are looking for a person close mentality, better acquainted with the Europeans or compatriots. And it needs to be checked with the tour operators, who is mostly stop at your chosen location.

For the rest, it is necessary to listen to your intuition to outline the range of potential suitors. And includes the mind to filter out most of their number of candidates standing. The average woman can do it without special training.

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