From the virtual to the real sense of communication

From the virtual to the real sense of communication
 Communicating on the Internet, owning a variety of interlocutors, once you realize that one of them for you appeared suddenly clearer and closer, there were common interests, as if you have long been familiar, perhaps it was in a past life ... ran a spark, and was born new feeling called love.  

What a sweet, bursting with a storm of emotions, feelings - love, finally you came, no, broke, turned his head, dulled consciousness, mind plunged into an endless feeling of euphoria. Problems and worries are gone by the wayside. Fiery passion of virtual communication are replaced by endless talk on the phone.

The first call is exciting to heart beats, now did you first hear the voice of one who has become dear to you and Lili at a distance of tens, maybe hundreds of kilometers. You start to think about it, and it seems impossible. In times of highly intelligent computers and high speed, this is quite a common practice, remember twenty years ago with the same success people have found their love by correspondence, times are changing, becoming more "advanced".

Many hours of conversation so carried away that loss of appetite, and with it the feeling of hunger, did not let go just a phone, afraid to miss the long-awaited call. Tone of voice says a lot about a person, and like a wonderful song sounds in the ears, excites the soul. Intimate conversations until the morning, sleepless nights, and then, in the evening, not an ounce of fatigue after work or school, is replaced by a proposal for a meeting. How long have you been waiting for this, dreamed, mentally imagining how this meeting happen. An infinite number of questions whirling in my head, platted in a tangle of this exciting expectations: what he really is, because the picture may not display the variety of emotions that is possible to see in person, like me if I told him, if not disappear feelings in real life?

Carefully you come to training. What to wear on a first date, and concurrently also real acquaintance, to combat his chosen spot? Hairdresser, beauty salon and a shopping trip - a mandatory program for most girls. Young people worry less, but the preparation is treated less scrupulous, for their first priority, as a rule, do not like the girl, and I myself will not be disappointed in the beloved.

Here come the precious day, weary waiting, you go on looking at the clock, the hands that seem designed slowed down, feeling for you patience. Who will come to the meeting place before, and who is late, it is a private matter, but certainly better to come on time. And now, breathless with excitement, you rush to the meeting, echoing the pounding heart.

Eye to eye, and it is impossible to break the flow of sparkling light. You look at each other for the first time, and so much about each other know. Smile with a shadow of embarrassment has been on your lips, you are happy, but mutually whether this feeling? The meeting will continue in a cafe, followed by a walk in the park. Secluded on a lonely bench, you talk about something his own, what they talked about many times, and ready for a frank conversation, the sides will be able to understand his attitude on the further continuation of relations. Previously ran a spark, suddenly explode colored fountain of feelings and emotions, and with new strength flow through his veins, turning to the ocean. Here it is, the overwhelming feeling of love!
How to continue to develop your relationship depends only on you. If you and your lover are real intention to create a long-term relationship with the subsequent legalization of them, broke out in the network light turn into quiet family dinner at home. It may also happen that different outlook and perception of the world will break the thin material emerging relations and virtual feelings do not develop into a real relationship have never been. If this happens, do not despair, fate will not pass, so it was not your destiny.

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