Sexual life after childbirth

Sexual life after childbirth
 With the birth of the child's life changes radically couples. Births women are perceived by the body as the largest stress in your life, as experienced by the load is enormous. If we consider that child care also takes a lot of effort to restore a sexual relationship after childbirth is not so easy. To facilitate the process, you need to know some of the features associated with it.

First of all, it should be noted that the recommendations of gynecologists abstinence for 6 weeks are a medical character. By the psychological side of the issue they have nothing to do. Some women are ready to have sex after discharge from the hospital, while others do not realize this, and after a few months.

If the birth occurred without complications and were not accompanied by surgery, the average time period withdrawn doctors for a full recovery of the uterus, is 6 weeks. During this time, the damaged tissues are restored, and the risk of infection during sexual intercourse bacteria that can cause inflammatory diseases is minimized.

No less important is the fact that often the first sex after childbirth painful enough, especially in cases where the birth was accompanied by stitching. In practice, the use of sufficient lubrication and caring for a partner feelings may be completely normal, so there is nothing to fear.

You can often hear the phrase that some women after childbirth experience additional arousal and orgasm feel. However, in many cases, sexual desire can not grow and decline, helped by post-natal depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, a young mother. What kind of sex can be discussed if more than anything else just want to sleep?

Well, if the spouse with respect to the problems of his wife, but it can also be understood. Harmony in sexual relationships is just as important for a full family life than some of its components. Therefore, to deal with their emotions and complexes woman is very important, because it may depend on the good relations between spouses. Especially that sex after childbirth can really go to another level and give a couple of new sensations.

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