Sex secrets from around the world

Sex secrets from around the world
 Sex in the broadest sense is an activity of the human body, which is aimed at the realization of procreation due to procreation. In a narrow sense, sex - a combination of physiological and psychological reactions of human behavior and experiences associated with the desire to meet and express sexual desire.

There are sex secrets from around the world, following which women dream to make sex a diverse and unforgettable.

This dream is possible to implement. A few tips for the best sex:

- The most sensitive area is the outer third of the female vagina. It is therefore not deep penetration can bring a woman the greatest pleasure. On the contrary - the more your partner will spend more time on the stimulation of the external vaginal area, the higher the probability of achieving orgasm.

- The novelty is the best aphrodisiac. Therefore diversify sex life is possible without much effort - enough only from time to time to make love in the most unexpected places. For example, in the pantry.

- If a woman is put under your buttocks pillow, both partners will thus optimum angle of 26 degrees between their bodies, and it is ideal to reach orgasm.

- It's amazing how much can be useful washing machine! In this case, not only at home but also in your personal life. If your partner during sex sit on the washing machine (and you - encircling his legs, sit facing him), its vibration will help you get a lot more fun.

- The most erotic are red, dark blue and violet colors. Therefore, to use a lingerie sexual pleasures just such colors.

- Sex in the bathroom quite a long time is not new. But many people know how it can be uncomfortable. Try this method: fill half a bath of water, put more shower gel on your body. Let a man lay down in the tub, and you lie on top. But in this case, instead of immediately engage in penetrative sex, try to bring each other to orgasm with the help of friction of your bodies.

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