Escape from a date? It is easy!

Escape from a date? It is easy!
 Date - one of the most exciting adventures of youth, it excites and invigorates, engenders hope and expectation of something wonderful. But what if this long-awaited meeting suddenly turns into an absolute collapse, and there is only one desire - to flee. And so as not to disturb the basic rules of behavior, and not to offend while his counterpart, should consider several options for decent care.

First of all, modern girl should be practical. Optimism and expectation of a miracle - it is certainly nice, but why would not in any case provide spare escape route if a date suddenly deceive so optimistic expectations. For this purpose, you can enlist the help of someone else. And if there a logical time to escape unnoticed dial a number, for example, a friend who by appointment immediately call back. Depicting extreme concern and visibility urgent cases, making up any fable, apologized and quickly ordering a taxi, you can play the perfect scene without infringing anyone's dignity at the same time and quickly enough after finishing an unpleasant evening.

However, acting talent and can help out other, more simple way. Simulate poor health - even a simple task for a novice artist. Moreover, you can completely portray any disease, except, perhaps, an open fracture. Although invent complex and almost deadly diseases is not necessary, or from troublesome provozhaniya not be saved.

There is another reliable way to break a bad date with the help of an all-powerful phrase: "I would like to be alone." This "password" works perfectly, but to come to him, should reflect and work hard. If the meeting takes place in a crowded coffee shop, you can choose any nice guy, of course, unknown and nothing unsuspecting, and allegedly accidentally saw him, whispering a secret to submit it to his companion as "former". Expression of extreme sadness and confusion on his face at the same time would be very welcome. Then should apologize, say the catchphrase of the desire of loneliness in such a difficult moment, and with a sad face off. Such a step will present the girl as a vulnerable, emotional and subtle nature, capable of allegiance to the senses. And her freedom for the evening will also be provided.

Methods that have exhibited an attractive girl in the world, but also allow it to escape from the tiresome visits, number in the thousands. This "friend, gone through the gap and need support," and "an elderly aunt from another city, asked her to accompany." The only thing you should not do in the selection of possible reasons for the flight - it cross the line of believability.

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