Casual Sex: female version

Casual Sex: female version
 Casual sex has its advantages. Do not need to think about the feelings and experiences of another person, imbued with its problems and emotionally dependent on him. Woman - by nature more sensitive, it invests in sex soul, given to a man entirely. Can it do to have sex without feelings?

It is believed that sex without commitment - the prerogative of men. Like, wanted, got his feelings and the presence of light is not necessary. But the girls are able to have sex solely for the sake of sex. Modern, successful woman may not want a serious relationship. She may want the most ordinary sex with her pleasant in all respects a man. Sex and only him ... And while she has no desire to cook his eggs in the morning, ironed shirts and bear children, as well as listen to stories about nightly fool-chief and underestimated the true talents.

Widespread belief that a woman is ready to have sex without commitment, slutty and not able to keep a man beside her for a long time, is not devoid of any good cause. Today, a woman is able to provide for themselves, equal rights with men and their own puts life priorities. Cult of compulsory marriage today for many successful women (and it's not just careerists) has lost all meaning. They earn good money, moving up the career ladder, take care of themselves, know their value and do not depend on other people's opinions.

Why is sex without feelings is gaining popularity among the female sex? Opting for sex without feelings prevents you from disappointment in a partner, from feelings of love and domestic turmoil. Sex without commitment leaves broken hearts and broken promises. However, it is not therapy, and therefore should not be reduced to purely animal instincts meaning of its existence. Casual Sex is good when there is no desire and time for sincere feelings when you are not mentally prepared for a permanent relationship with a man, when the pain from the last gap has not left heart. But that is no reason to abandon the true love if it unexpectedly knocks at your door.

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