Cash at the beginning of the novel relationship with a man

Cash at the beginning of the novel relationship with a man
 Any, even the most harmonious feeling sooner or later is tested banal accounting. Hard to admit it, but sometimes the money question arises already on the first date. And, by the way, the financial problems are one of the main reasons at parting. Try to correctly build a man is not only a personal relationship, but also financial.

First date

He invited you to the fashionable restaurant for dinner. Everything is going great, but bring funds ... Who will pay? It? Do You? Perhaps equally?

Note: As a rule, men at first tend to splurge and did not hesitate to litter the money. If he feels sorry for you money right from the start - this is not the good sign. But do not drive miser at once if you are satisfied with everything else. Maybe he will change when earned their millions. Or maybe he's just not ready to spend money because they do not believe that you - that the only one at the feet where you can put the whole world. If you are not in the money, report it immediately at the time of the invitation. For the girls do not have the money - do not be ashamed. But you will avoid embarrassment at payment.

First turpoezdka

You are simply doomed to meet with all domestic habits of the elect, if you are alone ten or twelve days and twenty-four hours a day. As a rule, new pairs curb its profligacy approximately six months after the beginning of the relationship. Discuss the amount you want to spend, before leaving. Maybe he likes quiet family meal, and you pull in the restaurant every night.
If you both do not plunk down the money and are willing to compromise on financial matters, then you appreciate existing relationships and ready for the next step into the future.

Joint life

You have decided to live together. This means that the time has come to acquire a total economy: buy furniture, appliances and other attributes of a joint life. According to statistics from civil marriage breaks up more often. Arrange immediately that things will be buying at a time. And keep checks at parting it will allow you to divide the property fairly. However, if it comes to buying real estate, it is worth to contract marriage. It can be issued even in a civil marriage. Be sure to discuss all the details of joint ownership, in order not to lose the right to half your house or apartment.

Common bank account

You already common surname, common life, and maybe even common children. It's time to unite and savings. The greater the amount, the greater the interest on it is calculated, and the bank can make an interesting special offer. But if you still parted, in a divorce half share not only property but also the entire income. Start just in case another one personal account. Many happy couples do so. Husband and wife have a joint account, which receives major charges, and each has its own deposit. Income from it can be spent only on themselves, and on nice gifts favorite.

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