Bachelors. What are they?

Bachelors. What are they?
 It is taken for granted that any normal, healthy man wants to have a wife and children. Indeed, the vast majority of people are either married or previously married. Nevertheless, there are those who up to very advanced age remained a bachelor!
 Bachelors are different. The most common variant - "sissy." This happens when a man raised overbearing, and at the same time infinitely loving single mother. It is so "shackled" son, denying even a hint of independence, strongly suppressing it all man and trying to raise him as a girl, he simply did not know how to behave with the opposite sex. And when a man grows up, wait for any initiative in dealing with women from it - wasted effort. After all, everything is always solved Mommy! Without her blessing, he can not take a step.

Of course, if there is a woman who takes the initiative firmly in their hands, and such a bachelor can take to the registrar. But coming out of a good husband and father? More than doubtful.

The second option - the so-called "intimofob". No, these men are not afraid of intimate relationships with women as it may seem for the title! Quite the contrary - they are lovers usually good. But here is to legalize the relationship with a woman, even beloved, enter into a formal marriage for them is a real torture. From this they elude all ways. Why is that?

Alas, here, as a rule, not without the influence of mothers! These sons in 99% of cases grow in those families where the mother dominated, behaving defiantly-hysterically, and his father, either because of weakness of character, or because of excessive friendliness too much let her. Timeless mood swings, accusations that she was not properly appreciate, tears, scandals, feigned fainting. The rising son firmly deposited in the subconscious: a woman, has the status of a legitimate wife - it's hysterical, scandalous thing. Is it any wonder that he, as an adult man, afraid too close, trusting relationship with a woman who is struggling to avoid marriage? It is one thing - a lover, which can always be relatively painless to leave, quite another - to the wife from her as simply "will not get off."

Well, another kind of "classic bachelor" - a womanizer. The man simply fixated on continuous passionate novels. He is so valued their freedom and independence, especially in the sexual sense, that does not allow even the thought of its possible limitation. Theoretically, he understands, of course, that would be nice to continue their family, but lays it "for later".

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