Affair with the chief: an old story in a new way

Affair with the chief: an old story in a new way
Everyone has seen the "Office Romance" by Eldar Ryazanov, and even more than once in the film The romantic story ends family happiness. But, unfortunately, today affair with boss and begins not so naive, unselfishly, timidly, and ends with a completely different way ...

Today's office romance often begins and develops for three reasons:
when a woman (or a man, but it happens very rarely) wants to climb the corporate ladder;
when the boss sees his slave mistress potential;
And the third - a rare case when people do there is sympathy for each other.

All three cases are always for a lot of problems. In the first - smart (but not always professionally) and sufficiently experienced women with low moral values due to their boss wants to obtain a position in the simplest way - went into his confidence. "Ohmurit" chief - is now commonplace, and not new. Only, most often, these same heads are not alone workaholics, as in the movie, and husbands and fathers of children. But who cares today? The only thing that can threaten a woman - is the anger of the authorities, which will understand once that it was used, especially if it does not reduce their appetites.

In the second case, the employee may simply be trapped: and it is a pity to lose a job, and to agree to such questionable relationship does not seem to want to, even if the boss is even nothing. Still want to buy any marital happiness and trusting relationship, but in terms of the authorities it does not fit. Why? He did, and so convenient.

Well, in the latter case, the most pleasant, too, has its pitfalls. More often than not, even if people come together they eventually realize that their interests are confined to work and remains the chief and the head of the house. There are rare exceptions, but that being said, apparently, was destined by fate.
In any case, one conclusion - Today in office romances are almost always ahead of the locomotive rides personal gain calculation. And such a relationship is pulled over a lot of problems and do not always end well. So even if you think about the number of rare sincere lovers of employees, the better one of you to change your job to then certainly over, as in the movie by Eldar Ryazanov.

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