A few useful rules for sex one night

A few useful rules for sex one night
 All people, one way or another, looking for a life of pleasure. Adventure, positive emotions - that's what gives us the strength to continue walking on the often unloved work, back to the daily routine, just to live. One such romantic adventure can be spontaneous sex with a random stranger to treat you in the bar. And so the adventure did not have unpleasant consequences, should keep a few safety rules.

The modern and not Puritan society sometimes seems that people live so that was something to remember in old age. Almost all the taboos removed. Whether it is good that there is no - it will become clear in due course. However, in the past five decades, men and women do not think marriage is so sacred too, childlessness - a punishment from above, and co-hosting the night - to something binding of both partners.

Of course, in spontaneous sex, as in a conversation with a random fellow traveler, a neighbor in the compartment of a train "Moscow - Sochi", for example, has its advantages. But not to become "osadochka" after having sex for one night stands still remember a few safety rules.

Rule number one. For a one-time sex should choose the candidate, the most remote of all the areas in which you are spinning. How Come? What a joy the next day hiding eyes when partner in bed last night pleasures enters the room, next to yours?

The second rule in principle, is the most important. Sex should be safe. No amount of alcohol, no spontaneously erupted feelings do not justify the refusal to use condoms or other means of contraception and protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

The third rule follows directly from the first one. The area is intended for a night of passion, should be neutral. After all, it is reasonable! No need to think about the freshness of sheets and towels. Besides, if something goes wrong, you can always say goodbye and go home.

The fourth rule. One night - not a visit to a psychologist. No confessions, no attempt to talk. You are here not to do both, do not you?

Rule number five. Leave before dawn. The solution, like a dream in the night, leaving behind nothing but perfume and crumpled sheets, you will turn the night into an adventure wonderful memories for both. Almost a fantasy, but charming and romantic.

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