5 things that women find sex boring

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 Intimate life - is one of the necessary components for physiological and psychological health. If a man wants his partner has always been satisfied with the proximity, the very first thing you need to do - get rid of boredom in bed. There are a few things that women do not like sex.

Predictability. Perhaps there is nothing that kills feelings as sex, become a routine. As well know, what can you expect from a partner at some point, all interest is lost. Surprise your beloved. For example, to start a replaceable position.

The lack of romance. Remember that girls feel - the main thing. Do not let her forget why she chose it for you in their satellites. Create a romantic setting - a few candles, muffled music, rose petals on the bed and a few compliments on the ear. Your fiancee certainly thank you.

Monotony. Do not get hung up on the bed only, because in your apartment for sure there are many more interesting places. You've tried to make love on the kitchen table? A machine for washing? If so, do not stop, show all your imagination, try to show their feelings in the car. You can use the window sill and if it is stable and its width allows. However, in this case, it is desirable to consider extra protection against prying eyes.

Disclaimer of experiments. It is not necessary to abandon the various innovations in your love life. Believe me, it will lead you to no less than your companion. Visit the shop together and pick up the goods intimate interesting things that can add fun in bed.

The lack of expression of feelings. Do not be afraid to speak your beloved, it is the best, beautiful and even better it no one in the world. In this case, compliments worth repeating and during sex, because words can not bring a girl less than action.

Thus, to get rid of boredom in sex is not so difficult. Not necessarily follow all the rules at the same time, it is enough to fix only one item to intrigue girlfriend. But every time the item should be different to the intimate life again became predictable.

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