10 ways to please a man

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 You have already met a few days or you have only recently attracted a man. In any case, your goal - to get his attention. There are some effective tips on how to please a man.
 Radiate confidence

Confident women like the vast majority of men. Perseverance is fascinating, draws, attracts, magnetizes finally charms. Internally to feel confident, you have to hold yourself first. Put on your clothes, in which you feel good about yourself. Even if the gentleman will not soon see him, he will feel irresistible waves that emanate from you and finds you irresistible.

Be beautiful

Your stunning appearance is important both for you and for your fan. It will give you more confidence in its appeal, the man - enhance the sense of self-worth. Any representative of the stronger sex like it to be with a chic woman.


One of the surest ways to trigger location interlocutor - gives him a radiant smile. Try to do it sincerely, from the heart. Look at this gentleman's eyes, you can tilt your head slightly to one side.

Be interested in them

Boyfriend showed clearly their interest in his person. Let the man says more, it will cause his trust in you. After some time, he feels with you as if you've known for a long time.

Take care of him

The extent of your care will depend on what stage are your relationships. Might wonder whether it is not cold, or to find out what he wanted for dinner.

Do not interrupt

Ask questions, Listen carefully to the answers. It does not matter: if he came just to work or you have not seen for a week, do not start talking until until a man does not cease to express their thoughts. Sometimes it can take hours.

Keep femininity

Avoid foul language in conversation, use more soft adjectives.

Be weak

Let a man feel their masculine identity. For example, let him pay the bill in a restaurant or help you carry a heavy bag. Different men are attracted to different types of women, but almost everyone likes to play the role of a strong guy.

Make it enjoyable

Can themselves make the top 10 things that your man loves and sometimes give them to him. This may include, for example, massage, chicken chops, party outdoors, chess, in the last row of a movie theater, and more.

Be passionate

In bed, do not be afraid to show your passion a man, be a good lover. Talk about what you like. Brings innovation and receives it with joy.

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