Why does a woman says "no"?

Why does a woman says "no"?
 Men often hear from women refused, and for good reason. Women often do not even think about it. Anyway, any man can avoid failure, if he knows why it happens. And if the reason for the refusal was the fact that does not depend on it, it's just to help protect yourself from unnecessary frustration.

Most often denied women who do not like men. This type of people gets her by any means, without paying attention to the feelings of others. They enjoy humiliating his partner drives them crazy. And if they give someone the opportunity to get ourselves, only for the maximum amount of funds. These girls man better get round.

Another reason - poor men. This is understandable, many women want prosperity, seeks to maximize the well-being, and try not to pay attention to the "second-class" partners.

We often hear failure due to the fact that a woman has an affair with someone else. In this case, it is not necessary to convince her that her boyfriend did not suit her. It has the opposite effect, which only alienate you from your object of desire.

Many girls love to flirt. This may be due to low self-esteem, although not always. Often married women flirt, and when you go to reduce the "distance", it just will not admit to himself. Although many people love it when men try to win them over by various means.

Some women refuse unconsciously, by their nature, or when they simply "do not want to." It may just be a bad day, or maybe this is just a game. Girls are often denied, even if they want to say "yes."

Although most of all a matter of the men themselves. They sometimes choose the wrong way to explore and must take full responsibility for what they did wrong. They often have little confidence and those male qualities, which are so lacking modern women. Often a man may look like just unattractive, but his mannerisms can cause disgust. So do not blame the women in their failures. It sometimes happens is that all the problems lie in the men themselves. And first you need to follow is to blame someone in the future. And do not need to blame anyone.

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