Why can not we live without men

Why can not we live without men
 List of women's claims to men is enormous. There are socks and stored under the bed, and regular drinking beer with cronies, accompanied rogotom, evokes memories of baboons in the zoo, and the annual attack of multiple sclerosis in the day when you started dating. And, despite all the shortcomings, the beautiful half of humanity can not live without strong.  
 Of course, young people are often tall, slender and blue-eyed. They have coarse hair, broad shoulders, they smell fresh perfume and travel. It would seem that they can love only this, but the foreground is still instinct. Which tells the breed to the human race survived. And the woman subconsciously looking for a man with whom she would be able to start a family and raise healthy children. There is a theory that humans, like other mammals, choose a partner by the smell. The young man, whose genotype is not suitable for creating healthy offspring, seem girl malodorous. Perhaps this is the secret of why the near beauties are often unattractive appearance guys.

In a woman a great need to share their warmth and love. Most ladies love to mess around with the kids, pets, plants, because they all need her care. But cozy house representatives gentle sex begins with a meeting with a man, which turns out to be too nice to take care of and bestow love.

Another reason - security. So it has historically, that the representative of the strong half of mankind - a defender and a warrior and fragile girl - homemakers. That man will score a mammoth chase away the wolf, protect from tiger. Despite the fact that at the present time, saber-toothed tigers do not walk the streets at night to return to work or stay at home at night she would prefer a man. Because it feels safe with him.

Even if you move away from the topic of the instincts, the girls hard to cope without young people in everyday life. That man is able to repair the crane, installed on your computer the program you want, do not seal the torn boot time and start the car in cold weather. And as you remember, they have hard hair and beautiful blue eyes - how to live without such beauty?

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