What you can not joke with a man?

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 Sense of humor, along with kindness and decency, many girls as one of the main male qualities that they would like to see in his chosen one. The ability to make a joke in a critical situation and defuse the situation is very important. But there are situations where a sense of humor can change any man, so they should be avoided in order to quarrel was not the end. You should know what you can not joke with a man, even if a great theme and turns on the tongue.
 Never hold taunt and tease his mother, even if he does it quite often. It is better to refrain from speaking because it is painful topic for many men. And you would not like most if the future of your son let go of the girl in front of him jokes and criticize you.

Aspiring bald head and your vote should not be a cause for jokes. Despite the fact that baldness is due to a high content of male sexual Gomonov many guys see it as a sign of advancing age and try to avoid discussion of this topic. Get delicacy and spare his feelings.

Is not an occasion for jokes and the size of his manhood. This is particularly unacceptable in the presence of strangers, and it does not matter - women or men. The word "small" or "baby" should not be associated with the object of his male pride. Jokes on this topic man can not forgive even the woman he loves.

For any man the concept of male friendship is sacred. Mocking those with whom he is friends, you mock and make fun of him. That's what will be perceived by your favorite exercise in wit about the qualities and virtues of his friends.

The same applies in cases where he has shared with you my secret dreams. Whatever they may seem naive or unenforceable, it is not necessary to explain it to him, and, moreover, to raise it to laugh. Better appreciate the high degree of confidence, which he feels to you, and ask to dream with him.

Jokes about low wages also will not make you laugh your loved one. Laugh about it - all the same, that a failure to recognize it. And it will agree, quite unpleasant.

And always rejoice in any gift, which he will present to you. If you think that he bought in the store just the first thing that I saw, believe that it is not. In fact, he chose a long time and I am sure that you will enjoy a gift. If you will scoff at his choice, the next time you can just gift not wait.

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