What we can not speak to the man

What we can not speak to the man
 The good old proverb says: "The word - not a sparrow, fly - no catch." However, few women give it a special meaning and can sometimes Shake excess. C It happens to everyone, said so!
 But in reality it is not so easy as it seems at first glance, especially if your partner - man. You should always be aware of what you say, especially if the man is your preferred choice. After all, even the majority of marriages fail precisely because a woman can not keep his mouth shut.

Of course, ardent feminists disagree. They do not believe they need to control their emotions. But here's statistics show that most of these women are living life in splendid isolation.

Ears is loved not only by women. Men also do not mind listening to compliments, but the main thing - do not overreact. Everything should be in moderation.

When communicating with her man in any case can not humiliate him in front of strangers people. This can lead to serious consequences for the relationship. Men appreciate self-esteem, so we must not forget.

You can not tell a man and his former love affairs. This is relevant only if you admire your relationship and claim that he - the best man of the people with whom you have ever been familiar with.

In addition, never criticize his sexual activity and especially the size of his sexual dignity. Even if your sex only lasts a few minutes, never talk to the man: "Is that all? "Or" My dear, why so fast? ". Try to gently inform us about what you want to sexual intercourse is not completed so quickly.

This, of course, not everything that a man can not speak, but only a few moments. Certainly offend his chosen words such as "rag" or "incompetent", is also impossible. Otherwise, you can lose not only love, but also respect for your loved one, and then either fix the situation would be quite impossible for a long time or you will have to beg his forgiveness.

Remember that in the relationship between man and woman is the highlight of mutual respect, and then the man for you to be strong support.

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