What does his gift

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 In the most romantic time of your relationship a man tries to make you a favorable attitude and always something gives. For these signs of attention, you can easily understand how your partner treats you, and whether his intentions are serious. Gifts that man chooses, can tell you about some features of his character, perhaps even of those which he carefully hides.  
 Soft toys give romance. Being sentimental and tender natures, they appreciate their girlfriends femininity and softness. Better appreciation for this man to be your smile and gentle kiss.

Flowers give the woman he loves, to create a good mood, bring joy and pleasure. An important point here is that if a man brings himself coveted bouquet or delivery orders. Loving man, it is important to see the reaction of women, glitter happy eyes and, of course, thanks for attention.

Sweets in gift woman buys are usually on their way to a meeting. This may mean that men do not like to spend time on the choice of a more appropriate gift. This attitude says a lot, does not it?

Sexy underwear, a gift from a man can tell that your partner esthete. He loves beautiful things that bring pleasure to him in the first place. Smacks a little selfish, but do not worry. He wants to clothe these lace it for you, then you are, in his eyes, a worthy object for the "cut".

Apartment, boat, villa, car - these expensive gifts to give to men who want to indicate that they are willing to share with a woman their territory. Such men are ready for a serious relationship. Your task is to show that you are the one he was looking for all my life.

Food processors, pans, utensils and various accessories for cooking as a gift can give a man who wants to say that he likes the way you cook. Do not be offended and think that he wants to "lock" your kitchen.

Jewelry in gold or stones can give a man who is set to long-term relationship. He is going to live with you happily, confident in their choice and are not afraid that you will disappear from his life.

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