Tame a revnivitsu

Tame a revnivitsu
 Jealousy - it's like a serious illness, it can not only seriously complicated life, and even destroy the relationship. Remember the example of the classics - Othello, this tendency is not brought up to what the good. But surely this can not cope? Pull yourself together and tame her jealousy is quite real. Trust your partner - this, too, need to learn, good relationships are impossible without order not to cultivate one's it.

By the form of some people never say that this person is able to go mad with jealousy. Other people themselves did not know how much they are jealous, until they were in a situation provoked a manifestation of this quality. Still others have never been jealous, but with a new partner behave, at least, strange even to himself, his jealous of each post. All these are different manifestations of jealousy, that must be addressed.

Despite what may be called a variety of reasons, arouses jealousy, in fact, there are almost none. Revnivitsu exasperated every detail, but more often it is simply a manifestation of pathological insecurity. Person does not feel loved or heart believes that he is not worthy of love partner. And sometimes the people who in the past had a bad experience. Now they are, as they say, blow the water, scalded milk.

Losing a loved one is terrible, jealousy overshadows reason. But this is exactly the probability of rupture of relations becomes highest. If you are jealous too much, it is a chance to think about whether you do not change this person? Quite frequent cases where the jealous and are capable to change, so a suspect in a partner. Own jealousy - as if a wild animal, which is very difficult to handle. If you are really so jealous that it is poisoning the lives of you and a partner, then you need to change something.

Initially answer yourself the question: whether, in all honesty, there is reason to be jealous? Be honest with yourself, and answer, being at rest. If there is no reason, then you need to raise self-esteem. If the partner really gives you a reason to consider themselves deprived their attention, then whether you need this person? Tolerate infidelity or flirting, it's not everyone's strength, and a few people like that.

In the event that you are and you know that your partner does not give you objective reasons to be jealous, but still can not cope with them, it's time to start working on them. Talk to him, ask him to, he showed you more attention. Themselves try to understand not only the mind, but also a sense that your partner - it is not your property. He has the right to friends, their own entertainment, no person can not be in this limit. It is important to learn to trust your partner, or a strong union is impossible.

If you have a habit to think of all sorts of nightmares, yet he was not home, get rid of it. Do not make plans in advance. Do not listen to rumors, on the contrary, try to look for evidence that your partner is faithful. Do not check his phone, pockets, mail on the computer, it is humiliating. Instead, to endeavor to improve your relationship. People do not go to those with whom they feel good.

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