Strong feelings that need to hide

Strong feelings that need to hide
 Emotional nature often experience difficulties. They condemned, accused of incontinence, in violation of the rules of politeness. And sometimes it's even true. Of course, a person has the right to freedom of expression, but some strong feelings better hide.  

The first is to learn to control aggression, particularly unmotivated and irascibility. It is necessary first of all to you. After all, no doubt, once you calm down, you feel a sense of guilt for any offense and inconvenience begin to repent, to berate yourself, harassing doubts ... All this will affect your mood, will contribute to depression, loss of strength, weakening the nervous system. Even if we ignore the understanding of the damage that you cause the others, think how ungrateful to your body such behavior.

Sharpness, aggression, emotional outbursts of negativity, all this has a negative effect on your appearance in the eyes of others. We must learn to control yourself, because if in some situations, you can not afford not to think about it, the first impression others will play a crucial role.

The second strong feeling that you'd better hide - the mountain. No, of course, surrounded by close friends who share your emotions, you can afford to relax. But if other people around you, even sympathetic person ... Try to refrain from excessive libations. Of course, in a society to say heartfelt words of encouragement, but often this was not worth anything but a mere formality. People feel uncomfortable around you, and that's okay, because your grief - it's personal experiences that do not affect them. Do not create uncomfortable situation, this will complicate life for you and others.

Oddly, sometimes necessary to hide and love. For example, in cases where it can harm the object of your feelings. A simple example - an emotional attachment to the teacher. Consider, for your passionate recognition undermines its credibility in the eyes of other students and colleagues, often forced to avoid encounters with you. If you really love that person, you will not destroy his life. Believe me, mutual love and overcome these obstacles. Make sure that your love is not a source of inconvenience to the person to whom you gave your heart.

It is important to remember that sometimes it's better to hide their feelings, if they disagree with the general mood okrzhayuschih. For example, not necessarily share a common joy, if you feel sad, but spoil her listlessly also not worth it.

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