Relationships and monotony

Relationships and monotony
 "The love boat has crashed against life." This quote from Mayakovsky never tire of repeating many couples faced with monotony in a relationship. But before you wring your hands, lamenting the lost days and years, it is worth considering: Was there love?

Psychologists and neuroscientists claim: love lasts only four years, and then cooling occurs, and the relationship held only on the reluctance of the average person to change something in their lives. Ie family, eventually - it's a habit, based on the great number of small daily rituals developed over several years.

But everything is so simple? Or eternal love, indeed, is only in a naive women's novels? And if you try to break the ritual ... and let's invite the wife is not on the nightly promenade around the neighborhood and on a date? Or such maneuvers can only afford bored rentiers who do not know what to do with money and time?

There are many questions. But often, in fact not necessary to reconsider the relationship itself, and their perception of them. Love will not disappear or four days, or four years, if you do not think all the time that every passing day together - this is another nail in the coffin of an all-consuming passion. But forget that any pair sooner or later there comes a time when it is necessary to find out once and for all relations and their prospects, too, not worth it. Only once, not every day, or daily quarrels prikonchat love back in the cradle.

Should not be infinitely chant: "I love you." The human brain is designed so that even the most clear and simple words of repetitive lose their meaning. Love - is action, not words. In time to help, good advice, genuine participation and attention - help love to live, not to survive.

Complete dissolution in your favorite (favorite) - this is another mistake that is not only superfluous impressionable persons of a female, but externally balanced, even chilly, young people. To any person, in the end, can get bored as strained imitation of his habits and preferences, and causeless jealousy of her husband.

What helps to keep the love? Firstly, respect for self and partner, second, awareness of oneself as an individual person, thirdly, common interests, is not blind copying preferences of the second half, but the ability to create at least a little, but their inner world, which will be interesting and even a little mysterious. Finally, understanding the nature of love, not as a state but as a process, ever-changing and modifying the person.

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