Online dating - how to avoid fraud

Online dating - how to avoid fraud
 Emerging Internet Technologies destroy borders, freezing forget about the existing restrictions, bringing together the continents and breaking all intercultural barriers. They allow you to talk to people of different nationalities, interests, ages, genders, find friends, faithful companions of life, business partners. At the same time, they wash and other boundaries - boundaries of caution. Who is actually the person sitting on the other side of the screen? Prince Charming or the aged Don Juan? Romantic or gigolo? And may all who decided to fool around juvenile Laughs. Or, even worse, mentally unhealthy maniac. Is it possible to detect deception, without exposing themselves to danger in person? There are several ways to protect yourself from mistakes.

Regardless of the atmosphere in which you build your relationship - in real or virtual life - they should develop gradually. Even when erupts between two people hot and passionate love, initiative, forcing to take hasty decisions, usually comes from both parties, as a logical expression of the same reasonable course of events, just a few fast. Therefore, if your partner suddenly starts not only accelerate the situation, but try to skip some stages of development of relations, it is an occasion to wonder what he really wants? If after the exchange of greetings and a couple of introductory phrases, he begins to demand goodbye, the likelihood of fraud is very high.

Carefully read his photo - exhibition picture can tell a lot about a person. Ask him about when it was made, in what situation. After some time, arrange a test that would show the actual probability of occurrence of such pictures in his life. For example, if the picture he is resting on the Turkish beach, in the following interview you can ask him to tell you about the features of rest in this country, ask for advice in choosing a hotel. Also, do not be amiss to express a desire to enjoy his other pictures.

The best thing about a man tells his speech, and even if we have in mind its written expression. Not one person hides a wonderful actor, especially if there is no need to open your face. But that's often an issue all attempts to pretend not to be what you are. Error - this is not the witnesses of criminal intent. Reflect costs in two cases: the first - if the writing style does not match the image that you emerges from the words of a partner, or, on the contrary, seems too perfect, like conforms to generally accepted standards. Second - if there are unexpected "failures", skips inappropriate words or phrases.

Another point that is worth paying attention when dating online - the time at which your communication occurs. How much has your leisure counterparts? If he finds an opportunity to talk to you during business hours, then inevitably be distracted. If this does not happen, it is necessary to clarify what he was doing, which allows him to free time for conversation in the afternoon. Conversely, evening talks clearly show that at least he is not burdened with family.

But be careful not provocative questions! Understand your concern - quite explainable and understandable thing. Your partner to be ready for them, and an inadequate response to test likely will not sign his most honest intentions.

And remember that the real cheaters know the basic methods used by people trying to detect lies. Therefore, the first meeting is best to go, taking with him for hedging friend or other loved one. And if you do not want to offend his companion - offer to meet in pairs.

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