Love lives three years?

Love lives three years?
 "Love lives three years" - so says Frederic Beigbeder, author of the acclaimed novel, the pages of which popularized doomed love relationships. The protagonist of the book theorizes that love is given only a short period, and then come the new relationship. Is it really? And can affect the senses and extend the love?

All of us have repeatedly stories that they meet, marry, at some couple time to have a baby, and after a time, not so long, there comes a time when partners understand that absolutely do not like each other. Light feelings as if it never happened. Why is this happening?

First of all "love" - ​​a biological program, the launch of which is scheduled for nature, so that we can extend his race. This is a mechanism that saves human species from extinction, this "accelerator" which helps to "nest" to adapt to the everyday difficulties, adapt to each other.

Think of yourself when you're in love. You breathe a partner, try to learn about it as much as possible, it is completely subordinated to, spend it on your time and money and do his every whim. Love draws together people who were initially strangers, optimize their relationships, gives intimacy. If there were no feelings of love, would you behave with a perfect stranger like this?

Love in a crisis. For the program, "knocks out" man from his usual rhythm of life, a defined period of time during which must be brought about procreation. If the birth and upbringing of offspring took place, the program will be considered completed and "Love mechanism" usually works "on off". On the other hand, if the biological program "not allowed move," it will seek the new individuals of the opposite sex for its implementation.

All it would be very sad if to "love program" does not be affected. But it turns out to extend and maintain their relationship, partners need to copy their behavior period beginning in love, creativity and reasonable approach to the issue of the couple's life. When the program "worked", now it's up to you: Make a "reset" your relationship.

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