Lessons dating

Lessons dating
 Despite the fact that the place to discover a lot more now than it was, say, thirty years ago, it is still the problem of dating the opposite sex acute for today's youth. And all because that girls and boys do not know the basic rules of dating.

If you have to meet on the street, you need to collect in a fist all his willpower. Applies to girls and young people. To begin with the pleasant man need to talk. Or a compliment to say or ask something banal series of "how to get to the library? "And after a detailed explanation to make competent compliment. However, there usually works - compliments should not be platitudes. They do not cling.

It is believed that the first decent girl with the guys do not know. It is time to discard outdated stereotypes. Especially now that men have become more timid, and even to a very pleasant girl hardly suitable for fear of failure. Therefore, the ladies take the initiative in their hands. And do not forget to smile!

The rules of the pick up artist has a point about dating with several girls. You need to start familiarizing with less pretty, so that later it could become an ally. The girls love to get acquainted with men in another way: the main charm of a woman around, so she met with several.

Meeting people on the Internet and at the same time simple and complex. As we know, in the World Wide Web anyone can present themselves better than he is. But it turns out it's just a personal meeting. Therefore, when meeting in the network, you must immediately avoid correspondence with obviously stupid opponent, which is more than "Hi, how are you? "Can not. It operates the same rule as the all - no platitudes. Also, do not welcome the sebaceous jokes (both from men and from women). And, of course, it is not necessary to get acquainted with someone who has no page on a single photo.

Also, do not try to get acquainted with one only subconscious thoughts - get rid of loneliness. The first meeting should be a pleasant adventure - no more. And if we are destined to, then it will grow into something big. If each new friend is, as a potential marriage partner, every failure is re-encounter would be akin to the universal tragedy.

When meeting is not necessary to build itself from someone. The main thing - be yourself. Then to the interlocutor for the surprises were not. Openness and goodwill - these are the main trump cards when meeting. No stiffness and stiffness. Remember meet - it's natural, and abandon dating - unnatural.

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