If there sissy ...

If there sissy ...
 Almost every woman dreams that her side was a real man. It should be resolute, strong, brave and sympathetic, loving, caring, sensitive and no bad habits! In short, the holder of all conceivable advantages.

Of course, the woman at heart understand that this is unrealistic. She is ready to put up with the shortcomings of her husband, but if only there were more advantages! First of all, the man on the nature and manner of behavior must be a man: after all, one woman in the family is already there, so what is the second? Unfortunately, it often turns out that her husband is a typical mama's boy.

Love for the mother - this is the most natural and intuitive feeling. But such men, it often takes the form of excessive and unhealthy. Mother for him supreme authority in any matter, opinions sacred and is not negotiable. Without her parents' blessing is the son can neither one is more or less important step. It is easy to imagine what he would make her husband!

What do women, belatedly discovered that she connected with the life of a mama's boy? Often, the best way - to divorce immediately, as family life threatens to turn into a nightmare.

What to do in this case a woman?

Try to awaken the man she loved, but not in intimate terms, and of the household. Do not change the light bulb itself, a leaky gasket at the tap, do not try to get something on their own from the mezzanine. Remember that this is a man's job! Maybe at first he will rest, but then still do. And do not forget for each such "feat" to praise him, saying: "It is good when the family is a man! »

Try to find out about her husband's childhood, on the orders of his house. Mama's boy are in two cases: when they are too spoiled, or vice versa, too inhibited, preventing the slightest independence (very common mistake of single mothers). In the second case, make the effort can be deduced from the husband over custody of the power-law. Be sure that children are not forgotten grudges! As soon as the husband feels that a number of the woman who is also ready to become his "birth mother", he roused the spirit!

In-law try to keep a low profile. Bring the matter before the scandal, and the gap is not worth it, because it is made of pure principle will try to take away the "boy" with him.

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