How to overcome the fear of dating

How to overcome the fear of dating
 Any communication begins with an introduction. Sometimes the first step to decide on the much more difficult than to carry it out. Fear of familiarity is quite common among men and women. You can get rid of it by resorting to psychological tricks.
 How many times is that you missed the opportunity to become acquainted with an attractive man just because of the fact that you drove a wave of fear and any attempt to approach the object of attention or talk to him no end? If knowledge is still there, then you do not feel at ease, unhappy with themselves and can not cope with it. This condition prevents the normal communication.

First of all, stop thinking that with you that something is wrong. In most cases, fear arises precisely because you do not believe in yourself. Try to understand what a perfect acquaintance is only possible in the movies, but the reality is so unpredictable that in most cases the most important day of your life you will not be washed or head spoiled manicure. If you feel confident, then fear will be much less.

Do not be afraid of the person with whom you will meet. Do not assume that it is known to negatively disposed towards you and only wish that you find in any disadvantages. Create a positive attitude and go boldly forward.

Resort to a little psychological tricks. Think of your best friend or any other person with whom you easy and pleasant to communicate on any topic entirely. Close your eyes and try to remember all the feelings and emotions that you experience when dealing with him. Then open your eyes and with the same spirit approach to a certain person. This little trick will allow you to relax a bit and feel more confident.

More practice and then the fear of familiarity gradually disappear. The more you get to know people, the easier and more enjoyable you will do it. And over time, you will forget about the embarrassment and fear.

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