How do you know what a woman thinks when he says "yes"

How do you know what a woman thinks when he says "yes"
 What is really a woman thinks when he says "yes" - this question excites men. Men - intrepid explorer of the world and always try to find out what it would be better not to know. They are not enough to hear an affirmative answer, they want to dig out what is behind this agreement. Most Wanted explanation - what you love, appreciate, respect and even you - Prince female dreams, whose offer - reward and happiness. But sometimes it differently.

"Yes, you are, of course, not a prince ...". It sounds like that the whole phrase as a whole. And if men listened, they would be heard.

Often women "yes" - this is a compromise, a little sad, but reasonable. Talking is "yes", the woman rather says "no" to his loneliness, fear of being left without children and families, public opinion. Women of this type or are tired of waiting for her man. Or fear that they will not find, therefore, agree to the option that seems to them more acceptable.

Sometimes female fervor and enthusiasm men take fully into your account, then as a woman just wants relations, and even more - marriage. In this case, she does not care who will be the man on the spot - any more or less suitable candidate would cause the same emotions. Girls sometimes in love with the idea of ​​love and marriage. The man in this scheme, it is replaced. The main thing that he wanted to marry.

Sometimes a woman agrees to boredom. Like, and everything is good, life is organized, but suddenly there is a fan who offers his hand and heart. And she was still, let's never been married. Yes, the great love she had not, but it's interesting how it is - try not to be one. Why not? Woman thinks and says "Yes", and thinks to himself: "If that - divorce."

Quite often, women run the calculation. One hard together easier in the end, marriage, despite all the social changes, is still the most convenient form of human existence. Well, if a man is also rich, then this is an excellent reason for that to be his wife.

There are women with a strong instinct of mother-mistress, im sure for someone to care for, someone to feed, to care, to love, they need a house in which they enthusiastically hosted and suggest shine. A man they see as someone who can provide it all - and the house, and himself as a ward, a matter of concern. Saying "yes", they look forward to expanding its range of concerns.

Women-hunters say 'yes' immediately, but after them about it for a long time begging on his knees. And not only from the bitchiness and desires longer then the fans. It selects from several candidates. So when she finally says "yes", it means that she made difficult choices by presenting itself as a valuable prize.

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