Sex with the former: "With vozvraschenitsem! »

Sex with the former: "With vozvraschenitsem! »
 Relationship is over forever and without return, the official divorce decorated. But very often the person with whom you have lived a certain amount of time together, still remains to relatives and close friends. And sometimes it happens with sex.

The reasons for having sex with the former may be several. The most common variant is when one partner still feels or thinks he is experiencing some feelings for the former. Man, that was close for a long period of time, it is the family and friends. Even stormy divorce and its effects are gradually smoothed out, and the partners begin to remember all the good moments of life together. Sex with ex - is an attempt to bring back the old relationship again see a partner of the favorite and the only one who is so worried about your heart.

The consequences of such a relationship may be different. As a rule, you often make sure that this person does not have someone with whom you have built their relationship. All people change throughout life, and try to bring back the past often ends in disappointment. But even if this is so, then sex with the former sometimes just need to understand the need for divorce. This is the starting point to move on and rebuild their lives.

Sometimes you just the opposite, and the two people realize they made a mistake when they decided to part. Two people could not live under the same roof, but as lovers are perfect for each other. This phase relationship simply to survive, after the passion dies down, life will put everything in its place.

Sometimes sex with former may be due to feelings of revenge rival or opponent. We are trying to prove themselves first and foremost, that we are better than the new darling. And, sometimes, even the relationships are initiated. It's a pretty dangerous way, as the comparison may not be in your favor and you will experience even more unpleasant emotions, even your self-esteem can suffer greatly if you hear a denial or, even worse, negative and sarcastic comment about yourself.

If you need to set the record straight, and sex with the former can help you do it, but the desire to interfere in someone else already for you life from a desire to annoy can permanently ruin your continued existence.

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