Sex on a strict schedule

Sex on a strict schedule
 Planning weeks often helps busy people organize their work, leisure and personal time. But some couples planning practices and sexual life, agreeing on the schedule of sex, which suits both partners. Of course, such a relationship is not for everyone.

Sex couples choose a strict schedule for various reasons. It would be wrong to think that sex on certain days - the lot of the boring couples who have lived together for several years and completely lost love and romantic feelings.

But really, sex on particular days often choose family people. Sometimes it turns out that the temperament of a tired working for five days men are markedly lower than in the young-at-home wife. Or vice versa, a wife, a busy caring for young children 24 hours a day, can not satisfy the constant desire of her husband. As you know, there is such a thing as marital debt.

Arriving at a consensus, the couple remain for some time pleased: sex in the family is present in sufficient quantity for both. The disadvantage of this type of planning that schedule sex turns it into a routine that kills the spontaneity of desire. Indeed, why attract and seduce the wife of a "free sex" day tomorrow if he already is not going anywhere?

But there are couples who argue that the thought of sex on a particular day in advance to help them perform household chores or move to an hour X did not hurt, tune in and even excited. On the day of sex spouses are distinguished by their playful mood, arrange a romantic evening, playing the "spontaneity" in the cafe and car.

To schedule sex couples sometimes have that long can not conceive. The couple with the help of a doctor choose the most favorable days for conception. Daily spontaneous sex couples so it is not recommended - this can reduce the number and motility of sperm. Sometimes in this mode couples spend months and years.

Sex on a strict schedule often used married people, winding relationship on the side. Here sex on schedule becomes inevitable: escape from the family is not so easy and lovers to choose convenient for both days and hours. Feeling ban and waiting infrequent meetings added sharpness and romance in a relationship, so it is hardly planning bored lovers.

Sex on certain days occurs in very young lovers who just happens to be nowhere to retreat. In this case, strict planning intimacy brings only benefits: young girls and boys have the time to think about the decision to have sex, and they can take care of fail-safe way.

But sex on schedule clearly not for you, if before that time you and the partner did not even occur to plan intimate moments. If you love each other, are similar in temperament, living together or have complete freedom to choose the time and place of meetings, you should not even try to drive the feelings and desires in any whatsoever frame. No good deed goes unpunished: appreciate the wonderful relationship that you have.

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