Failed to agree a sense of humor

Failed to agree a sense of humor
 Women do not make the first century ideal partner in pieces, collecting it from the ideal zodiac sign, choosing, where he will work and what love coffee. Infrequently we think about how the character should be the same partner. And the views? Opinion on certain issues? No, of course, that he is obliged to look stylish and always take care of themselves - it is thought out, as well as the fact that he will be brave enough fun ... fun enough? No actually think about this last.  

The fact is that in a given period of time, society defines a single category and subject for humor. As a rule, this is the society that surrounds us, indicates that as something to laugh.

Suggest that the choice would be a descendant of another company - just a funny task, because society - is one world, similar people and the like. However, problems can arise at that stage, when it turns out that the dream of your life you over for a couple of years or lived before moving to your city in a different country with a different language, customs, and humor!

It is very difficult to overcome some of the nuances that arise in the process and, as a result, he can laugh at the fact that you will find absolutely ridiculous.

Recall the perfect example - the old and the world-famous film "tameing straptivogo." It is a lovely scene where the main characters watching a movie with Chaplin. The girl seems to be that funny, it is a modern man and grew up in a society that, one way or another, took originality of humor, which at that time was a feature of the art of Chaplin, but man it seems absurd and even sad.

But nothing should interfere with the relationship, if you really think that this man - the prince you are looking for a lifetime. In the end, the film ended quite well in fact. Just sometimes you have to compromise.

These feelings will win any differences, whatever they do not express, believe me. In case, if you can not find a comedy, funny for both, well, just do not watch comedy. After all, the world has a lot of things, it is not dependent on a sense of humor!

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