Why run away from mad love men?

Why run away from mad love men?
 Probably every girl has repeatedly asked myself "why did he leave?". Left, escaped, one might say, without explanation, without charge or trial. You were supported him, caught his every word on the fly, cooked breakfasts and lunches brought coffee in bed, but he still has left. You were, as it seemed you perfect, about a woman can only dream of, but he ran away from you without looking back. Perhaps here it is, most likely, not in its essence ungrateful men, and the case is not sad in you.

Your relationship in the beginning were wonderful, and you have thought that this was the same man whom you have been waiting all my life. Oh well arranged female logic that if this is the man, that he must go with you down the aisle. From the moment you start playing the movie "Mission Impossible." Mentally you have thought through your entire wedding to the last detail, 1,000 times presented themselves in a wedding dress, but it - in a tuxedo, in his mind he had already given birth to three children (2 girls and a boy 1st). Endlessly preparing him unmatched delicacies and are constantly in anticipation of the promised proposals.

Only the thing is that a man such emotional outbursts and feels keenly feels the mood of your wedding. He had already heard because of you that the march of Mendelssohn, he begin to dream of the pan, and you children in curlers. And at that moment his body shiver runs through, the man of your dreams is scary. After all, he wanted the ease of cheerful and carefree woman in his immediate plans wedding is not included. Of course, meeting with you, mentally, he did not rule out such a possibility, how to create a family with you, but he even could not imagine that you are so quickly and seriously for it will take. And then, seeing in your eyes death grip, the man accepts, as it seems, and the only right decision - it's run away from you, aimlessly.

Your irrepressible love here will not save, in this case it is better not to try to retain, and that he was even more frightened. Remember that the strong half of mankind repels such love, exercise restraint and do not represent every man you like, as a potential suitor. Try first to be your man friend, a pleasant companion, a beautiful woman, self-sufficient person, and only when you have achieved all this, and you feel that your partner is also ready for this, translate the status of serious relationships.

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