Love has passed, there was only sadness ...

Love has passed, there was only sadness ...
 Not once in my life there is a feeling of sadness because of lost love. There are only good memories, even if that person was there. Living together in 2-3 years can be called a habit or elementary attachment.  

Everything is so beautiful beginning. There were frequent phone calls, meeting bright, stormy night, but time goes by, and there is no disturbing feelings, there was only a habit. Just a year later did not want to fly on a date with all legs, started small quarrels, insulting mutual reproaches. And how do you take all the flaws that were previously quite invisible, or just not important. But relations have become more tender, more of care. But after 3 years there is boredom, the views begin to diverge in virtually all matters. Do not want to rush home from work, there is the idea that love is no more. There is no desire to endure the antics of the second half and it was time to leave. Well, if you can do it in a friendly way, without scandal.

And now it's loneliness. Sometimes there is a feeling of doubt and regret. Maybe it was still possible to correct something, to improve relations. Overcome by sadness about quickly flown time, so I want to put things back. Is literally a month and it is clear that it was the right decision. Frequent meetings with friends, bars, night clubs, dating. As if nothing had happened, and now want a new relationship, a strong hormonal surges. So that was the spark in his eyes. Suddenly there is a new partner, which are experiencing the same feelings as then, although it seems that these relationships are quite different, stronger and more durable. All over again. Quickly pass three years, it becomes clear that nothing has changed, everything goes in a circle.

Over time, the thought comes that you need to stop, do not you fly all life. Select a single partner, which will be cozy and warm, who understands perfectly, and have put up with all faults. Fear of growing old alone is peculiar to many people, so there are children. But here is the belief that the partner three years do not want new tumultuous relationship, why do not.

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