If a man of your dreams you chose not to

If a man of your dreams you chose not to
 You run to poluobmoroke on the treadmill, observe crazy diets, reading books that he loves. But then you open your social network, and you see that he's getting married. He looks into the eyes of spiritualization new lover, who is younger than you for a few years, has less weight. You think that life is shattered into small pieces. All what you have lived, has lost all meaning. And you do not know what to do next.

1. Cry, beat the dishes, overeat. Do all what you imagine denied before. Look silly melodrama, Throw your emotions. But most importantly, that it was all in moderation, not turned into a long binge or completed in the neurological clinic or the police. Do not try to withdraw into himself. At this point, it is important to have someone from the family was there and helped to cope with the disorder.

2. Keep a journal to remain anonymous. Analyze your errors. Do not say that, "I - a loser, I - a nonentity." Just try to make any experience of what happened.

3. Bring your life back on track. Write down everything again that you love, because it is likely that you forgot it until chasing his ideal. Let this be an easy flow of words. The main thing is to say all the words that you are alive and are completely independent adult who knows something in this life. Understand that you are worthy of respect and love.

4. Do not waste your time, just like that. Plan your day, devoting more time to work. In the evening, do not stay alone, and make sure that every minute of your time has been laid out.

5. Do not rush to return the lost. It is not necessary to chase and find out the relationship with the woman who took your place. So you've done just a bunch of nonsense.

6. wish them happiness. Look forward for a loved one and forgive her rival. You may have changed for the better, while trying to achieve it. Remains to be seen who are more fortunate. Your opponent is quite possible escape from it. And if not, then you will avoid getting acquainted with his parents, will never collect his socks in the apartment. For you it will be a man of your dreams and lofty ideals. You now believe in princes. And we can say thank you to him for that. But life does not end the prince.

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