How to win the love of a Man

How to win the love of a Man
 Met a charming guy, I want reciprocity. But here's the thing: the guy does not show the expected sense of it. Some girls throw up their hands, refusing guy, but particularly enterprising girls achieve their goal, whatever it may cost the victims.
 Try to always look for a solid Pyaterochka. It is only then you will love it in the old faded jeans and a T-shirt pull, but for now is to pay maximum attention to their appearance. You must be attractive, cute and neat, so do not overdo it with makeup and revealing outfits. Girl Christmas tree brings joy and celebration, not all guys.

Be friendly, smile more often. To interest Man optionally be stunning leggy blonde big tits - sometimes enough good, sincere smile. Laugh at his jokes and lively interest in all that is going on in his life, but do not go too far - do not let the man of information ticks.

Learn to hit, but within reasonable limits. This may relate to both your physical and intellectual abilities. If you own karate, this does not mean that all the techniques you need to work on the guy. Can you just tell him about his hobby. Men respect clever girls, so try to develop in various fields. In a circle of friends, he would be proud that he was lucky to get acquainted with such well-read and interesting girl.

Do not hang around the neck. As much as any guy you liked, did not prevail against his countless calls and SMS messages. Yes, there are times when a girl should take the initiative in their hands, but it is necessary to look at the situation. For example, if a guy is shy and shy, it costs a little push for a decisive step delicately hinting that you do not mind would go out with him.

Be a mystery to him. Of course, it is not necessary to play James Bond, but also to talk about themselves up to the fifth generation, too, is not necessary. Beware of talking about his ex-boyfriend - a turned page of your life. Do not analyze his personal life, pointing to errors and mistakes - such behavior only alienate him. You must be a support for him, not a critic.

Be available. In some cases, of course, the principle of "sex - not a reason for dating," but this is extremely rare. Men by nature hunters, they need to win the girl, so do not miss it this pleasant process. Let him think that he has mastered you, not you skillfully woven network, in which he inadvertently caught.

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