How to understand the relationship

How to understand the relationship
 Sometimes the relationship come to a standstill, and the partners do not experience much joy from hugs and talk into the night. But this situation does not always mean the collapse, perhaps, you just go to a new level of relations.
 Problems are in each pair, without quarrels and misunderstandings in various situations not do, because everyone is different. Understand the relationships at the stage of an argument can be difficult because of the disturbing emotions, but to make it worthwhile for the sake of yourself and your loved one.

Do not cut spur of the moment. Never take serious decisions in a rush of emotion, not deliberation and discuss them with your partner. Try to avoid talking about the future in quarrels - this can lead to unpleasant consequences. Disperse into different rooms, to let off steam, and only then proceed to the solution of all problems.

Does not close itself. A common mistake partners in that instead of parsing situations one of them (or both) prefer to remain silent and to consider all alone. Remember that no constructive dialogue relations impossible.

Look into the past. If the problem is due to that in the house there was a conflict emerges is not the first time, should think about its reason. Consider the situation from the outside, try to evaluate your relationship as an outsider. This will help identify previously hidden from you face.

Do not take a man like a knight who must necessarily come galloping on a white horse and solve everything for his woman. In crisis situations, often full responsibility for its resolution takes on exactly half a weak union.

Let each other make their own decisions. Pushing partners to adhere to your opinion, you unconsciously limiting his freedom, which negatively affects the relationship.

Speak. Discuss with your partner all the problems that arise daily. Do not lose sight of omissions - they can be bad for your feelings. Do not hold nothing in itself - it is better to speak at once, rather than later poured onto the lover accumulated over many months.

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