How to understand a man

How to understand a man
 Women are always trying to decipher any action man: why he said, looked composed and so on. All this thinking takes a lot of precious time, while men are much easier than it seems. You should not be viewed in two ways their actions, in most cases, they are without a hidden agenda.

Men are much more straightforward for women, and it is hardly necessary to kill and seek the hidden meaning in his words and deeds. All he thinks he has to say in his eyes. It is also not able to guess that the lady has in mind when he says hints. Everything should be clearly. Just tell the man better about their desires and expectations, so you do not bite his elbow.

Resentment and silence to nothing lead, man will not wonder why she pouted and did not respond to questions. He understands that this is a sign of resentment and discontent, but if the young lady herself did not begin to tell the reasons guess he will not. With him to discuss the problem, so he knows the exact cause. If a man is silent, it does not mean that he is hurt, rather it is busy and considering the decision of any problem. It is better not to disturb at this time.

To show their feelings to put men do not like, so a woman should determine sympathy towards themselves independently. He does not will be thrown on the neck with hugs and kisses, he was restrained and self-confident.

Try to do without victims, men lose interest in the lady when she agreed to give up everything to the last shirt and go to any concessions. Respect yourself, your interests. Man nice when a man next to him with his personality.

Easy jealousy will not hurt, let him understand that this young lady and you can lose. After all, men hunters by nature, seeking to complete mastery of women.

The problems of the male half of humanity is different: instead of discussing them, they simply decide choosing the easy and affordable way. Rack their brains and they tend not to suffer. Therefore, when a woman starts talking about the machinations at work, in men it is puzzling.

Men are angry when they constantly nazvanivayut and ask stupid questions. You need not bother a man senseless calls, when it is busy. This is often annoying. Realizing that males are slightly different, it is possible to avoid the difficulties in the relationship.

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